The mission of the Salt Lake City Police Department outlines the specific ways each employee will work to achieve the vision of the department for the city and its residents and visitors.


The vision statement articulates the beliefs and values of the Police Department and defines the ultimate goal and what all employees will work to achieve.

“We will build upon the noble traditions of integrity and trust to foster a culture of service, respect, and compassion toward our employees and the communities we serve.”


The mission of the Salt Lake City Police Department outlines the specific ways each employee will work to achieve the vision of the department for the city and its residents and visitors.

“We will serve as guardians of our community to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, and promote individual responsibility and community commitment.”


Upholding the vision of the Department can only be achieved by using the mission statement to guide all work and strategies, while focusing on dedicated commitment and solidarity of purpose in Department activities and community involvement.

Commitment to:

  • Provide high-quality, community-supported police services with sensitivity
  • Protecting constitutional rights
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork within the department and with community
  • Long-range planning
  • Providing leadership for the police profession
  • Community-supported policing and problem-solving principles
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Bias awareness
  • Scenario-based, situational decision making
  • Crisis intervention and Procedural justice and impartial policing
  • Trauma and victim services
  • Mental health issues
  • Analytical research and technology
  • Languages and cultural responsiveness

Employees shall work to accomplish the vision and mission of the Department, provide wise leadership, and embody the core values. Employees are to work with citizens, preserve life, maintain human rights, and promote individual responsibility. Officers shall preserve the public peace, detect and arrest offenders, prevent crime, protect life and property, and enforce the ordinances and statutes of Salt Lake City, the State of Utah, and the United States.


The principles of leadership for the Salt Lake City Police Department are to:

  • Believe in, foster, and support teamwork
  • Be committed to the problem solving process; use it and let facts, not emotions, drive decisions
  • When possible, seek employees’ input before making key decisions
  • Believe that the best way to improve the quality of work or service is to ask and listen to the employees promptly and fairly
  • Strive to develop mutual respect and trust with employees
  • Have a service orientation with a focus toward employees and citizens
  • Manage on the behavior of most employees, not on the few who cause problems; deal with all employees promptly and fairly
  • Encourage creativity through risk taking, while continuing to improve systems and examine process upgrades
  • Be a facilitator and coach. Develop an open atmosphere that encourages both providing and accepting feedback
  • Apply team-work, develop with employees agreed-upon goals and plans to achieve them

The moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Foundational pillars of character are integrity, reverence for the law, and respect for individuals.


Caring and respect with sensitivity and empathy. Compassionate service is essential to human relationships and indispensable to the foundation of a just and peaceful community.


A promise to be a loyal partner with the community. Uphold our responsibility to be responsive to community needs and implement solutions that produce meaningful results.


Honest and transparent dialogue with the community. Professional representation, dignity in our speech, and truthfulness in our interactions establish trust and legitimacy. Communication creates an environment that encourages authentic conversations about hard issues that impact the community.


Guardian and protector of the community in the face of personal sacrifice. The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, or pain. Organizational and individual courage to do the right thing and be held to a high standard and show the strength to stand up for those we serve.


This Strategic Plan lays out a path that assesses where we are today, where we plan to go, and how we deliver tangible action and results through 2022.

Preview and download the 2017 Strategic Plan here.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Salt Lake City Police Department is committed to giving back to the community in unique and innovative ways beyond our day-to-day service.

We are always looking to improve on our responsibility to the community and encourage collaboration across abroad spectrum.

In November 2009, more than 65% of Salt Lake City voters approved a $125 million general obligation bond to fund the construction of a new Public Safety Building. The facility, which includes a 911 dispatch center and an Emergency Operations Center, serves Salt Lake City residents, visitors and businesses of Utah’s Capital City. The project was completed in 2013.

The Public Safety Building frames views of the Wasatch Mountains to the east and is a pedestrian friendly development. The building is designed to fit the definition of a Net Zero Energy Emissions building. This means that the building produces at least as much emissions-free renewable energy as it would otherwise consume if obtained from emissions-producing energy sources. Net Zero Energy was achieved by dramatically reducing building energy use and utilizing renewable energy. Energy use reduction is accomplished with high efficiency building and systems design, building operations, and occupant energy management strategies. Renewable energy is produced by photovoltaic and solar thermal arrays. Additionally, the PSB was awarded LEED Platinum status by the U.S. Green Building Council.

The Salt Lake City Police Department will accept old or unused prescription drugs in the receptacle in the lobby of the Public Safety Building.

Lobby hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.; closed Holidays.

Community-Supported Policing Philosophy

Crime and public safety are community issues. Therefore, the community and the police must work together with solidarity of purpose to solve them with unilateral responsibility and participation.

Citizens, the Police Department, other agencies and City government are equally responsible to help reshape this mission and advance in demonstrable steps. Each entity must be willing to work together, to become involved, to take initiative and to cooperate with each other to help make the City more enjoyable and safer for all, unilaterally raising the bar over time for the community as a whole.

Community-Supported Policing is the heart of this direction and plan and is a durable platform for sustained action. Each member of the Salt Lake City Police Department is responsible for achieving its mission, owning the outcome and providing consideration for unique circumstances. Likewise, the community, in solidarity and shared vision, has a stake in the outcome, provides bottom-up contributions, and shares responsibility for making this City both safer and more enjoyable.

How members of the department define their role will set the tone for the community.

How members of the department define their role will set the tone for the community.

Meet Our Executive Team

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Mike Brown

Police Chief

Tim Doubt

Assistant Chief

Jeff Kendrick

Deputy Chief

Dave Askerlund

Deputy Chief