Police Chief Mike Brown

Chief Mike Brown has served in the Salt Lake City Police Department since 1991. He was appointed Chief of Police on May 3, 2016, and prior to that was the Interim Police Chief from June 11, 2015. The department is made up of about 558 sworn and non-sworn personnel who work in a variety of divisions. He has held many positions throughout the department during his 26-year career, and most recently was the Commander for the Special Operations Bureau. As the Interim Police Chief, he implemented a Civilian Advisory Board (CAB) in 2015.

Chief Brown's experience has been focused on a number of specialty functions to address community needs, participation and management of special events and demonstrations, serious collision investigations, and coordination with federal and municipal agencies. As the Special Operations Bureau commander, he oversaw SWAT, Safe Streets Gang FBI Task Force, DEA Metropolitan Narcotic Task Force, Organized Crime Unit, Hazardous Device Unit, Motorcycle Squad, Public Order Unit and Accident Investigation.

Chief Brown has been instrumental in creating and managing departmental programs and represents the department at numerous meetings and events. Chief Brown developed and implemented the SLIC and other real time crime center concepts in order to provide immediate information to officers in the field and increase efficiency. He coordinated and monitored the Occupy Movement in Salt Lake City. Additionally, during the 2002 Olympics, Chief Brown served as the site commander for the Olympic Torch Relay and Demonstration site. 

Chief Brown recently completed the Major Cities Chiefs Association’s Police Executive Leadership Institute. During this powerful course, he connected with current leaders of metropolitan police agencies and exchanged ideas on how to lead a major city police agency. He also completed the FBI's National Executives Institute. He is currently serving on the Major Cities Chiefs Association Executive Board. He holds a B.S. in General Studies from Columbia College. Previously, Chief Brown served as a member of the MCCA Intelligence Commanders Group.

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