Community Advocates Group

Transparency & Communication Recommendation Status Next steps
Data on use of force Make available publicly on website with demographic info DONE Better access to it on web, and what do we do with it?
What does it mean? African Americans make up 2.7% of Salt Lake City’s population, yet they represented 11% of the population subjected to force.
Aggregate data on interaction w mentally ill folks and/or people under the influence of drugs/alcohol Track this information to examine the extent of these encounters, and the cost – potentially as a basis to explore alternatives. SLC PD looking at a possible ways to collect this info w/out violating privacy Continue discussing –
SL County is launching an experimental alternative to incarceration program that will work with some of these people.
Building community connections Increase dialogue w/community, work together for change Happening now Continue the excellent series of community meetings between SLC PD leaders/staff and community.  Make a list of the kinds of events taking place, post on SLC PD website, w info about how to get involved
Community-friendly web site Web site that expresses shared vision of building a better community through just and humane law enforcement, and community engagement In-process By the end of October the SLC PD will have an overhauled, more community friendly website, that will be easier to navigate.  Check-in on progress.
Body Cam footage release policy Policy that describes how and when use of force body cam footage is to be released In-process Report back from Chief
Accountability Recommendation Status Next steps
CRB Independent attorney DONE City Council provided funding for this
  Review – mini-audit, talk with people who have served, how can it be better? discuss
  Answer questions about best practices/research re: CRB – what should we expect, versus what’s happening?
What are pros/cons of elected CRB?
Had first conversation with CRB staff Follow-up
Complaints Make it easier for people to file “Complaint” button on web page In-process with website overhaul Discuss with review of new website
Data tracking To measure change we need to track data In-process What needs to be tracked and shared with the public
Body Cam video The SLC PD should develop a way to audit body cam video In discussion
Community/public videos Need policies that protect individual rights to record & publicize NEEDS DISCUSSION
SLCPD Culture/Practice Recommendation Status Next steps
Training More emphasis on de-escalation In-process Get better sense of what is in training NOW, what cutting edge programs are being offered nationwide
  More women, people of color, individuals w/different backgrounds in charge of training In-process SLCPD recently hired a female training officer; also trying to utilizer fewer SWAT-background trainers
  Interaction with dogs NEEDS DISCUSSION More protective policies for injury/death of community member pets
Hiring Prioritizing diversity hiring
Explore new recruitment opportunities
Staffing 2 officers on every call, in order to help prevent use of force DONE This was Chief Brown’s idea, and it’s a good one.
  Making sure officers are not overworked In-process
  Integrate new social workers into work of SLC PD HOST In-process Track progress, learn from program which seeks to help homeless people with services provided by social workers, helping to keep them out of jail.
Communication/Dispatch Making sure officers receive essential information from dispatch Needs Discussion Invite representatives from dispatch and PD to talk with group
Values Demonstrate de-escalation as value DONE Chief Brown’s new program to honor officer’s who effectively de-escalate is a great step – but there is more to do.
  Adoption of PERF principles Discussion in process SLC PD lets us know which they’ve adopted
(we like all of them).
Support for officers PTSD counseling In process Get legislature to amend workers compensation laws to allow for treatment of PTSD by first responders
  Meditation/wellness In process Yoga currently offered
  Child care assistance In process Mayor Biskupski is working to set-up child care assistance for all city employees (including SLC PD)