SLCPD Volunteer Corps

Launched as Mobile Neighborhood Watch in July 1993, SLCPD Volunteer Corps members are trained and authorized to patrol every part of the city. In order to provide a reduction in liability problems and to ensure a viable organization, all applicants must pass a background investigation and attend training. Community Supported Policing acknowledges that the whole community is responsible for public safety, not just the police. This approach encourages the unification of the community and the police in an equal partnership, working together through effective problem solving. In Salt Lake City, the SLCPD Volunteer Corps is one such approach that holds tremendous promise for empowering its resident to work with the police to effectively combat crime problems in the community together.

To join Volunteer Corp, contact the Police Department’s Volunteer Coordinator at (801) 799-3367 or The Coordinator will explain the next steps to get started.