Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program
FY 2018 Local Solicitation



The 2018 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) application process has been announced.  As a requirement of the grant, the police department must make its application intent available to the public. This information packet will serve to inform Salt Lake City residents of the department’s intent to apply for this grant, and how the department intends to spend these funds.

Salt Lake City qualifies to apply for $334,302 in the 2018 JAG program. Of that total, Salt Lake City will receive $223,585 and Salt Lake County/UPD will receive $110,717.  The proposed budget is as follows:

Salt Lake City

$40,880 to provide job-related training for sworn and civilian personnel

$32,415 to fund a weapons shelving system for Crime Lab

$89,150 to fund a laser scanner system for Crime Lab

$10,000 to supplement K9 program budget

$10,000 to repair/replace or purchase new fitness equipment for police facilities

$9,200 to purchase Faro Zone 3D program for Accident Investigation Unit

$28,000 for directed community policing overtime

$3,940 to support community outreach efforts

Salt Lake County / Unified Police Department

$20,000 to fund an all-terrain vehicle with patient carrier

$47,265 to fund a bullet recovery system

$16,000 to fund a side-by-side all-terrain vehicle

$11,337 to fund monocular night vision units

$6,190 to fund advanced target pointers/illuminators

$6,280 to fund a free standing breaching door

$1,536 to fund Camelbacks for Search and Rescue officers

$549 to fund saw blades to make emergency rescues/entries

$1,560 to fund saddles (tripods) for Special Operations Unit


TOTAL $334,302
The grant has seven purpose areas under which all expenses must fall. The Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County projects fall within the Law Enforcement Programs area. Comments by the public will be accepted from August 16 through September 30, 2018.

If you have questions about the grant or the proposed budget, feel free to contact the grants office at 801-799-3357.