Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program
FY 2019 Local Solicitation



The 2019 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) application process has been announced. This information packet will serve to inform Salt Lake City residents of how the department intends to spend these funds.

Salt Lake City qualifies to apply for $333,520 in the 2019 JAG program. Of that total, Salt Lake City will receive $222,462, Salt Lake County will receive $55,529 and the Unified Police Department will receive $55,529.  The proposed budget is as follows:

Salt Lake City

$35,000 to provide job-related training for sworn and civilian personnel

$11,700 for Cellebrite system, license and computer

$25,000 for less-lethal shotguns

$13,906 for police substation security cameras and intercom

$19,536 for security system server

$8,320 for directed community policing overtime

$9,000 to support outreach efforts (Youth Explorers, Gang Prevention Program, Community Outreach Unit)

$100,000 towards the purchase of a police Mobile Command Center

Salt Lake County

$28,700 for tactical mobile ballistic shields

$7,245 for ventless hoods

$19,584 for dynamic photo imaging machine

Unified Police Department

$14,000 for thermal monocular units

$4,000 for security fencing

$3,600 for helmet mounted lights

$15,116 for monocular night vision units

$4,952 for night vision unit designators

$2,420 for night vision unit helmet mounts

$2,265 for tripod systems

$3,150 for trauma kits

$900 for protective helmets

$2,100 for GPS units

$1,000 for tactical chainsaw chains

$2,026 for internal affairs training


            $TOTAL $333,520

The grant has seven purpose areas under which all expenses must fall. The Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County projects fall within the Law Enforcement Programs area. Comments by the public will be accepted from August 28 through September 30, 2019.

To view the full application, click here. If you have questions about the grant or the proposed budget, feel free to contact the grants office at 801-799-3357.