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January 17, 2013
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Krista Dunn, first-ever civilian appointed to the rank of Deputy Chief.
January 17, 2013
— Police Chief Chris Burbank has named Krista Dunn Deputy Chief over Administrative Services, the first civilian appointed to such a rank in the history of the 162-year-old organization.

“There is no question that Krista is the right choice when it comes to the skills and experience needed to manage our budgets, grants and finances. But I am also confident she brings to the table the necessary leadership skills to direct the police department,” said Burbank.

“The modern-day police department needs a broader vision of what it means to manage public safety as part of the community,” he continued, adding, “we need to reflect the partnership we expect from the public inside the walls of the organization. Making this historic appointment reflects my belief that all members of my staff, whether civilian or sworn, are vital to our success.”

Dunn started her career with the Police Department as a grants coordinator 14 years ago. She was responsible for researching and writing grants that would enhance police operations. One of those grants led to the creation of the Department’s Crisis Intervention Team, a program that is now a national model for specialized policing responses related to mental health issues.

In December 2010 Burbank promoted Dunn to the position of Administrative Services Director, a position that reported to a Deputy Chief. Now holding that rank, Dunn oversees SLCPD’s $55 million budget and divisions within the department—ranging from Records to Public Relations to Crime Analysis—that include direct reports from both officers and civilian employees.

“One of my main goals is to bring the same level of training and career development to civilians as that of sworn personnel,” said Dunn, acknowledging the challenges of a mixed command.

“On the street, officers have a unique role in which they take charge, but inside the organization,” she explained, “we’re all colleagues with interdependent tasks that are crucial to the success of the overall organization.”


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