Watch Log: Friday, November 22, 2013
November 25, 2013
Watch Log: Sunday, November 24, 2013
November 25, 2013

Watch Command Log Reporting Period:

6 a.m. Saturday, November 23, 2013 – 6 a.m. Sunday, November 24, 2013

SALT LAKE CITY — Each day Salt Lake City Police Department receives hundreds of calls for service, not all of which result in a report or arrest. Compiled by Watch Commanders in the field, the Watch Log is a summary of events they felt stood out in the last 24-hour period. Items contained herein are based on information available at the time of its release and should not be interpreted as an admission or finding of guilt. Arrest information may differ from formal charges filed by the prosecuting agency. To see a list of completed calls for service in the last 48 hours, please visit

1:48 a.m.
122 Pierpont Ave.

Officers responded to a call of a fight that had occurred outside of a night club. All suspects had fled the scene upon the officers’ arrival. A 25 year old male victim was transported to a local hospital for injuries sustained during the altercation. There is no suspect information at this time.

5:09 a.m.
Aggravated Burglary
223 E. Colfax

A 92 year old female awoke to find a male inside of her bathroom. The male pushed the female into her bedroom onto the bed and fled with her purse. Officers checked the surrounding area but were unable to find the suspect. The suspect was described as a male with a dark complexion, medium height, and medium build, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt.