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Salt Lake City Police deliver candy to Salt Lake elementary schools

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City police are delivering 3,560 bags of candy and goodies to 16 local Title 1 schools. The Police Department understands this is a year like none other and while we can’t do all the parties and traditions of years past, we still want to maintain the excitement for the kids surrounding these holidays. The bags will contain candy, a coloring book, stickers, pencils and small novelty toys. The bags will be distributed on Thursday to be handed out as part of the school lunch program.


“I am so sad we won’t be having our Halloween Fun Fest this year, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to remind the children that we miss them and love them,” said Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown. “This is just one small gesture from the officers to give back and in some small way remain a part of the day with them.”


The Salt Lake Police Department has had a long-standing partnership with the Salt Lake City School District and continues to be a resource for students even through remote learning. School Resource Officers have been participating in the lunch pick up program and have maintained contact with many of the students.


Interim Superintendent Larry Madden said, “We’re grateful for the support we receive from the Salt Lake City Police Department. Our school Halloween celebrations will look a little different this year, but our partnership with SLCPD will help us make sure our kids still feel connected and cared for.”